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You now need to write a script for user maintenance. Write a script that will perform the following tasks:

  • Prompt the system administrator for all valid input parameters
  • Generate a menu to ask which task is needed to be performed
  • Create a UNIX group
  • Drop a UNIX group
  • Create a user
  • Drop a user

Note that as part of the Create User section, a UNIX group many be identified that does not already exist, so that group will need to be created as part of the process.

A third script that you need to write will kill all of the processes associated with a user. The following are the requirements:

  • Prompt the system administrator for the target user name
  • List the running processes for that user
  • Confirm with the system administrator before killing the processes
  • Kill the processes after confirmation

It is very important to note with this task that you should only kill processes for a user and his or her running processes; do not arbitrarily kill running daemons.

  • Include a discussion about the difference between user processes and daemons.
    • What are daemons, and what are they used for?
    • What are the consequences of killing a daemon using this script?

Must be APA formated double spaced with references and be original work

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