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In the following observational studies, describe changes that could be made to the data collection process that would result in an experiment rather than an observation study. Also, offer suggestions about unseen biases or lurking variables that may be present in the studies as they are described here.

a. In a sample of 50 members of a local health club you find that 12 of these members meet weekly with a physical fitness trainer and that the average body mass index (BMI ) of these 12 members is less than the average BMI of the other 38 club members in your sample.

b. In a sample of 12 bank tellers at a local branch office, the 7 tellers who have completed the advanced training program offered by the bank have a lower average error rate in the processing of transactions than the remaining 5 tellers.

Reference no: EM13858419

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Her company International Widgets implements a sales incentive program- If any salesperson sells 100 units in July, they will receive a $12,000.00 bonus. International state

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1. What are the transfer pricing issues arising from the transaction? 2. Should the Australian subsidiary be allowed to deduct interest expenses at 9%? 3. If you answer to que

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In 1999, IBM invested in E2open, a consortia-based e-marketplace for the electronics industry. Why do you think IBM needs both a private exchange and a consortia-based e-mar

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Explain the main purpose of a quality management plan? What are two metrics - besides those provided in this chapter - that Kristin and her team could use on the Just-In-Tim

Create a capital investment plan

You will create a capital investment plan proposal utilizing the health care business you selected in Week One as well as the answers to the Basic Information questions.  Re


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