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There are many reasons that caused world war one. But the direct reason the started world war one was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand! Germany was a main cause of starting the First World War or "Great war". Nationalism, money, colonial rivalry and probably the most important which was The System of alliance. Germany which declared independence caused a lot of problem because they where weaker than most countries so they were easy to be attacked. What started the war was Austria-Hungry declaring war on Serbia, which eventually had chain events that followed. Russia then mobilized their army after they found out that Austria Hungry declared war on Serbia and thanks to the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance.

Germany was in a very bad area and in a very bad situation. They wont be able to attack any countries because they are weak and they would not be able to survive a country with a big army and a lot of resources. They only had a couple options one of which was to be on the defense and make sure nobody takes them over but at the same time they want to make themselves stronger by creating an alliance with a lot of countries.

World war one was also an outlet for a lot of countries. Most countries harbored a lot of hatred towards each other because of nationalism. Nationalism is a countries pride, when a country is on the top and slowly starts to decline the residents of the country feel hatred to other prosperous countries. Nationalism makes people proud to be where they are from and they want the best for their countries. The reason is because if everything in their government is going really well people will be happy and if people are happy that makes the country better.

Over time Germany built their country and made a power for themselves they made themselves and actual power, which made they dangerous to many other countries. While Germany was becoming stronger Great Brittan was having a huge decline in their power. This upset the balance of power because while a new country became stronger one of the old stable countries that was knows as a power threat at one time has become weaker. Germany took over the balance of power that Great Britain lost so now they are the new power threat and Great Britain has to rebuild while other countries are steadily getting stronger.

Germany and France having a relationship that started off as hatred and ended as hatred did not help the situation of the world. France new that Germany was building up their military strength so they made another power on their side. The other power that they brought in was Russia. This started a chain; countries would soon ask other countries for help. Germany asking help from Austria Hungry but as the say time Austria Hungry just called out a war for Serbia for killing Franz Ferdinand.. More countries started to join the first world war. US joined world war one. USA who eventually joined the war was the power change.

More than two million peopled died, but when Germany was defeated agreed to stop fighting. After the war a lot of the blame went to Germany. Germany harboring a lot of hatred towards most countries was the reason world war two started. The downfall of Germany made it easy for a tyrant like Hitler to take advantage of the citizens, using Nationalism and promising to make Germany the powerhouse they used to be before the First World War.

I truly believe that the First World was a breaking world for the World. The war made a balance of power was much needed because most countries where stronger than others so to balance this something had to be done.


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Reference no: EM131346640

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