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This program will compute the cumulative GPA based on user input.  This program will use dialog boxes with the JOptionPane class as well as the console to send/receive information to/from the user.

1.       Use a dialog box to ask the user how many grades they would like to enter.

2.       Print out the term number (automatically starting out at Term 1 the first run through the program)

3.       Prompt the user for the course name, the number of credits, and the grade using 3 separate dialog boxes.























a.       Standard letter grades and corresponding points:

b.       As you receive the course information, write this information to the console.

4.       Once the user has input all of their course data calculate the term GPA and update/calculate the cumulative GPA. (Hint: where you declare these variables, inside or outside loops, will affect their functionality)

5.       Output the GPA to the user using the console (see output below).

6.       Ask the user if they would like to continue with another term.

a.       If the user would like to enter another term into their cumulative GPA calculation, go through the same process as above using appropriate loop structures.

b.       If the user would not like to enter another term of courses,display the number of gold stars earned. Thank the user appropriately on the console.

7.       Example output at the end of the entire program (if 2 courses were entered each for 2 separate terms). Format credits to print out to onedecimal accuracy and GPA's totwo decimal place accuracy (hint: printf).

Term 1

Multi, 3.0, B+

Diff Eq, 3.0, A-

Term GPA: 3.5

Cumulative GPA: 3.5

Term 2

Morals and Ethics, 3.0, A

Physics, 4.0, B-

Term GPA: 3.26

Cumulative GPA: 3.37

Gold Stars Earned:

Reference no: EM13781396

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