Write a program that will help a student practice basic math
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Write a program that will help a student practice basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Display a menu the student can select from. The student will make a selection and will have the option to continue with that type of math problem. When the student is done with that type of math problem the main menu will be displayed and allow the student to select another type of problem. When the student exits the program their results will be displayed (ex. Addition: 3 correct 2 incorrect)


Pseudocode design
Properly named fields and methods
Ifs, loops, switchs (basic error checks)
Randomize numbers
User defined classes (multiple classes)
Clean and intuitive displays

Create multiple classes and methods to keep Main program short.
Use methods in the classes other than the normal gets/sets
Randomize 0-10 for numbers in the math problems.
Use fields to track the correct and incorrect counts.
Break everything down to smaller simpler methods and code
Try not to over complicate


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