Write a program that reads two separate integers from user

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Write a single-file program (named main.cpp) that reads two separate integers from the user, adds them together, and then outputs the answer. The program should use three functions: A function named "readNumber" should be used to get (and return) a single integer from the user. A function named "writeAnswer" should be used to output the answer. This function should take a single parameter and have no return value. A main() function should be used to glue the above functions together. Hint: You do not need to write a separate function to do the adding (just use operator+ directly). Hint: You will need to call readNumber() twice. Hint: If you're using visual studio with precompiled headers, don't forget to #include "stdafx.h".

Reference no: EM13860499

Developing a database to manage academic issues

What's A Matter University (good old Whatsamatter U) is developing a database to manage academic issues. You are asked to assist in the design of the database. Sketch the En

Problem regarding the database systems

To develop a database for the given case study by drawing the EER diagram-To apply the normalization rules to the data structures and hence to show the UNF, INF, 2NF, and 3N

State the purpose of the function

You may be asked to create a function to solve each of the tasks given below. For each task state the purpose of the function, what the function needs complete the task (inp

Function that evaluates a polynomial

1. Given the following function that evaluates a polynomial whose coefficients are stored in an array: double evaluate(double[] coefficients, int n, double x) double result

Example of a program that contains an algorithm

Provide an example of a program that contains an algorithm whose Big-Θ is exponential. Clearly explain what n represents in your program. Make some assumption about how long

Class scope variables-helper methods

Design a C# Windows Application to compute the cost of manufacturing different objects. The object can be a cylinder, a cone or a prism with the equilateral triangular base.

The relative strengths of acids and bases table

List, in a general way, the information that is provided in the Relative Strengths of Acids and Bases table. Explain how the information in the Relative Strengths of Acids an

Determine the other operations

(a) {C2(z), C2(x)}, determine the other operations that must be present to form a complete point group. [Hint: Consider all of the products of the given elements with themselv


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