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· Write program with input, output and control structures: sequential, selection and loop.

· Write program with user-defined methods.


Write a program that keeps track of the balance of a savings account. The program starts by reading the initial amount (starting value) of the savings account. It then allows the account holder to perform withdrawal, deposit and check balance processes unlimited times until the user choses to exit the program. A thank you message is displayed before program terminates.

The program has the following methods:

· main- to read the deposit amount of a savings account. To allow selection and ?repetition of the processes.

· withdraw- used to perform the withdrawal activity and update the balance. It will ?not allow withdrawal if balance is insufficient. It shows error message instead.

· deposit- used to perform the deposit activity and update the balance.

· CheckBalance- used to show message of the account balance.

Reference no: EM13812828

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