Write a program in c# that creates a professorrating class
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Write a program in C# that creates a ProfessorRating class consisting of professor ID and three ratings. The three ratings are used to evaluate easiness, helpfulness, and clarity. In a separate implementation class, allow the user to enter the values. Call the constructor to create an instance of the ProfessorRating class. Include appropriate properties. Do not allow the ID to be changed after an object has been constructed. Provide a method in the ProfessorRating class to compute and return the overall rating average. Print all ratings and the average rating formatted with no digits to the right of the decimal from the implementation class. Use a single class method to enter all data. Please make sure you include appropriate comments at the beginning of your program, including your name, course, section, and purpose of the program. In addition, please make sure you include appropriate comments throughout your program. Please make sure you use meaningful variable names, constants, etc. 

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