Write a paper on italy and its democracy
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Paper on Italy and Its Democracy

Paper includes Affecting the Event by “The Economist”, Democracy Appear to Work. Paper is about total 4 Pages including references. 

Question: The Italians had an election.  Italy is a Western democracy.  Italy is a large European country with a staggering public debt and underperforming economy.  These facts you should know. 

For the last period of time, Berlusconi who had been the leader was out of power and a fellow named Monti was running a technocratic caretaking government attempting to stabilize the situation.  Berlusconi (check the web) is likely the wealthiest man in Italy and is facing many criminal charges.

Questions for you to address in at least two pages. 

Do you think “The Economist” is sensualizing this event?  Explain.

Does democracy appear to work?

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