Write a memo announcing no bonus

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Write a memo announcing no bonus.

You are the manager of a fi tness equipment manufacturing plant called Muscles Galore located in Gary, Indiana. The plant has been in operation for seven years. Over the years your employees have been very productive, and sales have been high. Therefore, Muscles Galore has been able to give generous holiday bonuses (usually more than $1,000) to all of its employees for the last five years.

This year, however, because of a slow economy, you will not be able to offer the holiday bonus. Although the workers have been very productive, fi tness equipment sales are down about 15% from last year. Your projections indicate that the economy is recovering, and sales should be up about 20% next year. If the projections are accurate, you should be able to offer the bonus again next year-but you won't make any promises.

Write a memo to your employees letting them know the bad news. Add details to make your message complete.

Reference no: EM131284397

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