Write a java program that stores these integers

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3. Write a java program that stores these integers 10, 20, 30, 40, 20 in an array named nums. Write the code to count all the occurrences of 20 and then display the count.

Add the code to create a new integer array that has twice the number of elements as nums and assign the values in nums to the new array. Display the new array.

Try to think of a way for the program to calculate twice the number of elements for the new array.

Reference no: EM13876425

Create three new threads

Write a program (in C, or Java, or C++, or C#) that creates three new threads (besides the already existing main thread) and synchronizes them in such a way that each thread

Write an application to simulate user logon tracking

Keep track of the number of users logged on at any point in time, and display this number in a text box that the user cannot modify. Display appropriate messages when a user

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Write a JAVA program to simulate a calculator. Your program should take two numbers and an operator (+,-,*,or/), from the user in the following format: number1 operator numb

Create your own date class

You are to write a program that determines the day of the week for New Year's Day in the year 3000. To do this, you must create your own date class (MyDate) and use the follow

Program to find maximum-minimum of sequence of values

Common task which should be done in loop is to find maximum and minimum of sequence of values. File Temps.java contains program which reads in sequence of hourly temperature

Create an application that will allow a new customer

Create an application that will allow a new customer to order a house. You'll allow the customer to choose among four models (Aspen, Britattany, Colonial, and Dartmoor) by c

Implement a custom environment for your maze game

ITECH7201 Software Engineering - Design and implement a custom environment for your maze game. This requires producing your own unique hand-drawn map of the maze game enviro

The class date was designed and implemented

In Programming Exercise 2, the class Date was designed and implemented to keep track of a date, but it has very limited operations. Redefine the class date so that, it additio


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