Write a function that produces of positive prime numbers

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Code Style and Testing

?     All code has been well indented and has been broken down into reasonably sized procedures (no single line should be too long; aim for about 80 characters each)

?     Each procedure has been well documented (but not over-documented - don't just restate the code) with comments, including the purpose of the procedure, the expected inputs, and the expected output.

?     When appropriate (Questions 1 and 2), there is sufficient testing using check-expect (or other check functions) and, at a minimum, no code is highlighted by DrRacket when the file is run.

Question 1

Write a function that produces a stream of positive prime numbers. Use that stream to create a list of the product of all pairs of consecutive prime numbers up to a given value.

For example, if we want the answer for prime numbers up to 20, the prime numbers are:

2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19

The output list would be:

'(6, 15, 35, 77, 143, 221, 323)

Question 2

Write a function called stream-map :

(define (stream-map proc . argstreams)

<your code here>)

The proc argument is the procedure to apply to one or more streams, while argstreams is a list of a variable number of streams to be used with proc.

Now write a function that uses stream-map to produce the sum of two streams element by element for the first x elements.  Be sure to test with several different types of streams (for example, you could sum together the odd and even numbers between 1 and x).

Question 3

Using Prolog, establish a database of facts and rules for the following predicates:

father(X,Y) /* X is the father of Y */

mother(X,Y) /* X is the mother of Y */

male(X) /* X is male */

female(X) /* X is female */

parent(X, Y) /* X is the parent of Y */

difference(X,Y) /* X and Y are different */


Write Prolog clauses to define the following relationships:

is_mother(X) /* X is a mother */

is_father(X) /* X is a father */

aunt(X, Y) /* X is an aunt of Y */

uncle(X, Y) /* X is an uncle of Y */

sister_of(X,Y) /* X is a sister of Y */

grandfather_of(X, Y) /* X is a grandfather of Y */

grandmother_of(X, Y) /* X is a grandmother of Y */

grandchild(X,Y) /* X is a grandchild of Y */

sibling(X,Y) /* X is a sibling of Y, i.e they have the same parents */

half_sibling(X,Y) /*they have same mother but different fathers or

same father, different mothers */

related(X,Y) /* X is related to Y */

ancestor(X, Y) /* X is an ancestor of Y */

descendant(X,Y) /* X is a descendant of Y */

Reference no: EM13316940

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