Write a function that lists five sale amounts in an array

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Question A

Data storage on the client side is one of the main functions of JavaScript. Discuss two of the methods that can be used for client data storage.

Sales Function

Write a function that lists 5 sale amounts in an array then loop through the sale amounts adding the individual sale amounts in order to determine the total sales amount.

Display this total sales amount in a alert message. (Hint, use Listing 3.5.6 on page 50 as reference).

Reference no: EM131299790

Create three classes for a customer

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Create a time design. The requirements are as follows: Clock system must be self-contained object that can be instantiated, and given start, pause, fast forward, and slow do

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Discuss the key environmental issues facing North America based on the discussion in the text. Which ones do you see threatening the quality of life in North America the most?

Elliptic curve encryption

write a program to implement Elliptic Curve encryption/decryption and program will read parameters, plaintext and ciphertextfrom a file named "input.txt" (under the same direc


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