Write a brief scenario example of a unilateral contract

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1. Write a brief scenario example of a unilateral contract. Write in paragraph format.

2. Explain why/how your example above is a unilateral contract. Write your explanation as if you were explaining and teaching the concepts to the class.

Reference no: EM131427552

Determine the reorder point

It is your responsibility, as the new head of the automotive section of Nichols Department Store, to ensure that reorder quantities for the various items have been correctly e

Companys mission is customer oriented or product oriented

Do research in the Internet and give an example of a mission statement of a company that you are familiar. Discuss if the company's mission is customer oriented or product ori

Schedule developments are quite different

As we have seen, traditional and Agile schedule developments are quite different. Agile project management was originally developed to do software development. Could a traditi

Explain different type of cost related to inventory planning

Explain the different types of costs related to inventory planning. Explain the trade-offs involved in the economic order quantity. How do these change when quantity

Individual data items collected part of earned value table

What are some of the individual data items collected as part of the earned value table? What does the information tell us, and in what situations would we want to track the va

Determine the probability of running out of stock

The daily demand for camera films at a gift shop is N(30,5). The cost of holding a roll in the shop is $0.02 per day, and the fixed cost of placing a replenishment order is $3

Two types of grass seed into a blend

The Sanders Garden Shop mixes two types of grass seed into a blend. Each type of grass has been rated (per pound) according to its shade tolerance, ability to stand up to traf

What is the average number of customers in line

Suppose a second server is added and the 2 servers act independently, with each taking an average of 2.0 minutes. If a second teller is added, the average time a customer sp


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