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You are probably already aware of processes in your chosen organization that require attention. You may even have ideas for potential improvements. If you are not familiar with any logistic process issues, you may want to begin by researching recent feedback from both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. You will likely uncover a number of potential processes that require attention. You might consider:

. Talking with managers and staff in your customer relations or customer service department.

. Reviewing customer surveys.

. Interviewing a few key people involved in customer-facing processes. 

Elements of the Proposal Submission

For the LIP project proposal, identify and describe a logistics process that could be improved in your chosen organization.

1. Provide a short summary of the organization, with information such as:

.The organization name.

.Number of years in business.

.A brief synopsis of the range of products and services it provides.

Please be as thorough in your description as possible. Note: If confidentiality is a concern, disguise the organization name and data. 

2. Use the Candidate Identification Worksheet (see resources) to identify at least three logistics processes you might address for your project.

Complete the worksheet and select an appropriate candidate from that list. Include a copy of your worksheet in the proposal submission.

3. Write a brief description of the logistical process you would like to improve. Describe the change you would like to make. 

Your proposal should be approximately 1-3 pages long (excluding the Candidate Identification Worksheet) and should be formatted according to APA (6th Edition) style. 

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Reference no: EM13718079

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