Writa a paper based on system failure

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Writa a paper based on system failure:

Faster system processors, Software and hardware compatibility, High system capacity, Information system policies, Security system, and High reputation for software and hardware vendors.


The purpose of an executive summary is to communicate the major points of a project to a desired audience. Keep in mind that some of the terminology may need to be explained based on the audience. The key is to communicate your work so that the major stakeholders in this project understand how this project plan will work.


Using the outline below, write a final capstone technical paper describing your project and its success.

The Paper must include the following:

Cover page
Table of Contents
Introduction (Objective, etc.)

[The remaining sections must follow in exact order with the section title provided in the paper.]

Problem Background and Definition (Essentially, this will be the background and definition of the problem which you developed for the proposal.)

Technology Solution (This is a narrative description of your solution to the problem highlighting significant design features and benefits. While it draws on the proposal and midterm statements, the solution is no longer a proposed solution but the solution which was actually implemented. A requirement in this section is a discussion which explains the sound network and security standards and principles as well as issues which were considered in the design and its implementation. Also required is a summary of the performance of the solution, including any shortfalls.)

Business and Technical Case for the Technology Solution (This is essentially what was developed for the midterm paper along with additional points, if any, which you gained from the implementation and test of the solution.)

Design Methodology (This should be more of a summary statement of the extensive work included in the midterm paper. It should address the theories, models, and techniques used in the design phase, the major design trade-offs, and the primary design choices.)

Final Design (This should basically be the final design section which was developed for the midterm with any modifications included based on the implementation and testing phases.)

Solution Implementation (Based on your project, this will be a proof-of-concept via virtualization or simulation, a proof-of-concept via a hardware lab implementation, or a field implementation. This should explain in detail how the solution was implemented (a requirement is that the models, techniques, and resources used be specifically identified and discussed), any challenges which were encountered and how they were resolved, and how performance is demonstrated. Any shortfalls in performance must be identified. Clearly labeled screenshots or other documentation should be provided as evidence.)

Evaluation of Solution's Efficacy (A description of the test plan and methodology should be provided. The actual test plan will be provided in an appendix. The results must be provided (screenshots, tables, etc.) along with an evaluation of the results. Particular attention must be given, both in the plan and the evaluation, to end-user profiles and interactions.)

Improvements and Optimizations to Solution (In this section, any improvements or optimizations which were identified and implemented should be noted. Also, importantly, any ideas or opportunities for improvement or optimization which you identified but did not implement should be noted.)

Conclusion (Remarks, comments, observations, recommendations, etc)

References (Text, online, personal interviews, etc in APA format)


Requirements (This should be the requirements section which you developed for the midterm.)
Design Methodology (This should be the design methodology section which you developed for the midterm.)

Test Plan

Any other appendices which you feel are pertinent (user manual, commendations from users, screenshots, data, code, etc.)


Include at the end document all of your APA References.

Here is an example of a properly cited APA reference.

Reference no: EM131291776

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