Worker and machine tasks are conducted effectively

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1. A worker-machine chart determines whether worker and machine tasks are conducted effectively.



2. The most detail form of job analysis is a motion study, the study of the individual machine motions in a job or task.



3. The principles of motion study relate to all of the following categories except

the human body

the efficient use of capital

the workplace

the efficient use of equipment and machinery

4. Which of the following statements is NOT a suggestion for reducing groupthink?

The group leader should encourage critical thinking.

Invite someone from outside the group to evaluate the group's decision-making process.

Make sure group members reinforce the ideas and suggestions of the group leader.

Ask group members to divide into small groups and consider potential problems of the suggested solution.

Reference no: EM132233613

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Specialized jobs are generally inefficient

One of the disadvantages of project teams is their lack of flexibility. Validation is the process of determining how well a selection test or procedure predicts future job per


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