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Work the linear programming word problem below.

A candy company makes three types of candy, solid-center, fruit-filled, and cream-filled, and packages these candies in three different assortments. A box of assortment I contains 4 solid-center, 4 fruit-filled, and 12 cream-filled candies, and sells for $15.40. A box of assortment II contains 12 solid-center, 4 fruit-filled, and 4 cream-filled candies, and sells for $17.60. A box of assortment III contains 8 solid-center, 8 fruit-filled, and 8 cream-filled candies, and sells for $19.00. The manufacturing costs per piece of candy are $0.04 for solid-center, $0.06 for fruit-filled, and $0.08 for cream-filled. The company can manufacture 4,800 solid-center, 4,000 fruit-filled, and 5,600 cream-filled candies weekly.

How many boxes of each type should the company produce each week in order to maximize their profits?

Reference no: EM1389451

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