Why would you hesitate to use a t test for given purpose

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Response times for telephone repair calls. A study examined the time required for the telephone company Verizon to respond to repair calls from its own customers and from customers of a CLEC, another phone company that pays Verizon to use its local lines. Here are the data, which are rounded to the nearest hour:

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(a) Does Verizon appear to give CLEC customers the same level of service as its own customers? Compare the data using graphs and descriptive measures and express your opinion.

(b) We would like to see if times are significantly longer for CLEC customers than for Verizon customers. Why would you hesitate to use a t test for this purpose? Carry out a rank test. What can you conclude?

Reference no: EM131431796

Company specific mix of individual

A company's specific mix of individual employees combines to help produce an organization's culture and feel. In this assignment, you will evaluate how an unbalanced mix of

Confidence interval around the mean

Compute the 95% confidence interval around the mean of each of the three groups and plot the confidence interval in the space provided above.

?nd the probability that the ?fth ball selected

An urn always contains 2 balls. Ball colors are red and blue. At each stage a ball is randomly chosen and then replaced by a new ball, which with probability 0.8 is the same

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The Kirschner Company has a contract to produce garden hoses for a customer. Kirschner has 5 different machines that can produce this kind of hose. Write the constraint that

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Based on these results a confidence interval extending from 5.96 to 6.16 was calculated for the population mean. Find the confidence level of this interval.

Find the linear correlation coefficient

Find the linear correlation coefficient for the systolic and diastolic measurements - determine the linear regression equation that uses the systolic pressure to predict the d

Calculate the cumulative incidence of deaths

(a) normal weight, (b) slightly overweight, (c) moderately overweight and (d) greatly overweight. 57,145 deaths from cancer occurred in the population during the follow-up

Number of individuals in the population to be equal

(a) Let Tn := min{t > 0: X{t) = n (> 1)}. That is, Tn is the time needed for the number of individuals in the population to be equal to n. Show that the probability density


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