Why we use scientific names written in latin

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Explain: (a) why we use scientific names written in Latin (and sometimes Greek) and (b) the importance of binomial nomenclature in naming organisms. Give examples of three scientific names (in correct binomial format) of common organisms.

Reference no: EM13112697

Possible relationship between malaria infection-sickle-cell

a. Estimate the proportion of severe malaria infection in those with the sickle-cell trait and those without it. In each case, provide the 95% confidence interval (CI) and i

Interior of its region of its plasma membrane

If a trans-membrane protein is embedded in a plasmamembrane, this protein region has a region that is dense in theamino acid glutamine, whose R group contains an oxygen and

Arms of humans homologous to the wings of a bird

1. The common ancestor of all the tetrapod vertebrates had four limbs with a similar skeletal structure to thatseen in many vertebrates today. Considering this, in what sens

Determine the integral number of divisions

Of course, the development of an adult organism from a zygote isn't quite that simple. In addition, things can go awry with cell division - notably the transformation of nor

A dominant trait in which one parent is affected

The recurrence risk of a genetic disorder is the probabilitythat the next child born into a sibship will be affected, giventhat one or more previous children is affected. wh

What is the formula of the hardy-weinberg rule

What is the formula of the Hardy-Weinberg Rule for a 1 locus, 2 allele system? If the frequency of "A" in a population is 70% and "a" is 30%, what arethe expected allele and

Draw the complete atomic structures of asparagine

write out the catabolic pathway that breaks down asparagine (an amino acid). Draw the complete atomic structures of asparagine and its metabolites that lead to oxaloacetate?

What is the inconsistency of these data

In mapping a large plasmid you notice that the restriction enzyme HaeII yields three bands, Pst I yields five bands and HaeII+PstI double digestion gives rise to six bands.


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