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Write a C++ program that creates a tab delimited file, balloon.txt, that can be opened by a spreadsheet to graph the altitude and velocity of a balloon as a function of time from the time of release through 48 hours. The user will indicate the time interval in minutes. The following two formulas approximate the altitude of the balloon as A(t) meters; V(t) is velocity in meters/hr; "t" is measured in hours, so you will need to calculate how many hours long the user's time interval is because they will use minutes.

A(t) = -0.12t^4+12t^3-380t^2=4100t+220

A sample balloon.txt looks like following (" " blocks are single tab characters).

Time (Hrs) Altitude (m) Velocity (m/h)
0 220 4100
12 12947.68 665.44
24 5814.88 39.52
36 13658.08 1001.12
48 11594.08 2520.16

Reference no: EM1331492

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