Why the business decision is good or not good for business

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Assignment: Business Practice Argumentative Essay

For this assignment, the student will create an argumentative essay explaining what makes a good business decision. This allows students to use critical thinking in their research to identify the importance of deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning.

Assignment Steps

Write a 500-word argumentative essay on your approved business decision including the following:

• Discuss why the business decision is good or not good for business.
• Define the term "good" for the purpose of this situation.
• Identify the premise and conclusion by placing a number in bold at the beginning of the sentence with the word premise or conclusion. For example: (1, Premise), (2, Premise), (1, Conclusion), (2, Conclusion).

o Sentences labeled as "1, premise" are premises for the sentence labeled as "1, conclusion."

o All premises should be labeled for each conclusion in the article. If a sentence is a conclusion and a premise for another conclusion, place two labels.

o At the end of the paper, identify one example of how you used deductive reasoning and one example of how you used inductive reasoning.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Reference no: EM131417608

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