Why more women are not noticeably represented in today

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Watch the video 'Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders' raises many questions about diversity.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18uDutylDa4

Develop and discuss a few of the following questions and your very own, such as:

1) What is the explanation for why more women are not noticeably represented in today's senior leadership positions in the workplace? You may consider this beyond that of the examples described, that is, we welcome responses that look at other workplaces (e.g. Scandinavia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, and so on) that may differ from what Sandberg observes.

2) Is part of the answer related to how girls are raised beginning in childhood?

3) Are there stereotypes associated with women who aspire to be leaders (e.g., not wanting children, less nurturing, etc.)?

4) Are women able to function as genuine equals when they work in a male dominant environment? Can leadership styles be "tougher" or "softer" depending on the gender of the observer as well as the person under scrutiny? If so, can these styles limit women's being viewed as 'equal'? Do child-rearing responsibilities explain "why (women) aren't...there yet?"

300 words and at least 1 reference.

Reference no: EM131421107

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