Why might marta want to reconnect with her religion

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CHAPTER 7, Spirituality in Psychiatric Care

In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objective: Explore reasons for the resurgence of interest in the spiritual aspects of healthcare.

Marta, a 16-year-old high school teenager, has been depressed over a recent break-up with her boyfriend. Marta, accompanied by her mother, is seen in the community mental health clinic. A mild antidepressant is prescribed for Marta with weekly counseling sessions. Marta and her mother ask if it would be beneficial for Marta to attend a 1-week church camp to begin in 2 months. Marta would like to reconnect with her religion and voices a belief that the camp experience will help her. The psychiatric nurse practitioner informs them that research reveals that involvement in religious activities has been helpful in social support and in coping with depression. Marta appears relieved and said that she will register for the church camp.

(Learning Objective: 2)

a. Why might Marta want to reconnect with her religion, and how will attendance at the church camp benefit Marta?

b. If Marta attends the church camp, will this pose a problem to counseling sessions?

Reference no: EM131365770

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