Why is writing reports in law enforcement so important
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You are the chief of detectives of a medium-sized police department. You have been asked by the local police academy to provide a document about report writing. The topic is about characteristics of a report and why the characteristics are important. Because of your experience in detective work and the importance that is given to writing clear and concise reports, you want to make sure that the central point of reporting the facts is driven in your document to the police academy.

Please answer the following questions to guide you in the composition of your 4-6 page paper. Please justify all answers with academic or real-life empirical, practical criminal justice examples.

1. What are examples common reports that are used by law enforcement agencies?
2. Why is writing reports in law enforcement so important? Please provide examples to support your answer.
3. Is it important to provide the opinion of the reporting police officer in a report? Why?
4. What are some examples of writing reports incorrectly in the law enforcement field?

Please use the APA format to reference all sources used in the assignment.

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