Why did keda decide to embark on erp implementation project
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Case Study Requirements


1) Paper: 3 to 5 pages (Intro, Findings, and Conclusion) - see format below

2) Power Point Presentation: 5-7 slides. Should be summarized information. Teams will be expected to present findings to the class in a summarized format. Teams will be expected to speak for 5-7 minutes.

Team Work:

Each team member will have an opportunity to evaluate other members of their team. Please be mindful that you will receive a team grade but each individual's grade can be adjusted accordingly.


Case 1: Keda's SAP Implementation: The following questions should be answered in your paper:

1. What are the key case objectives (i.e. why did the author(s) write the case)?

2. ERP projects are expensive and risky. Why did Keda decide to embark on an ERP implementation project?

3. What were the main challenges faced by Keda in each stage of its ERP project? What factors contributed to the project's success in the face of these challenges?

4. Leadership plays a pivotal role in the success of ERP projects. Which "leadership practices" did the Keda managers engage in?

5. Culture plays an important role in any project implementation, and perhaps especially for an ERP implementation because the ERP concept originated in a western cultural setting. How were Keda's cultural characteristics leveraged in bringing about project success?

6. You are responsible for helping to lead an ERP implementation. Discuss some of the key success factors and or takeaways from the case?

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