Why are they a problem in latin america context

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Latin American Economics Quiz

Answer all questions

1. Describe the economic position of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in relation to the rest of Latin America.

2. What are the institutional basics necessary for economic growth? Why are they a problem in Latin America context?

3. Why is infrastructure a constraint on growth?

4. What factors contribute to informality in Latin America?

5. Explain two major problems that a country that produces primary commodities may face.

6. List and describe the characteristics of industrialization under ISI.

7. Show graphically and explain how tariffs and quotas affect the production and import of a product.

8. Pick one of the three visits in Mexico City and describe three important points during the talk.

9. Pick one of the two talks in Tlaxcala and describe three important points during the talk.

Reference no: EM131541282

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