Who will bear most of the costs and disadvantages
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FROM: P. Dorian, Administrator
TO: J. Sternberg, MD
RE: Ethics Task Force

have been considering your request that the hospital convene an ethics panel whenever we receive a request that some or all treatment be withheld from a patient who is presumed to be dying. I can't help but be concerned by the idea of tying up the time of a doctor, a nurse, a social worker, a chaplain, family members, and possibly others every time we need to make such a decision. Obviously, this could be costly. When I started in the business, we took it for granted that doctors made all the decisions about treatment-with the okay of the patient and family members, of course. I'm afraid I don't understand the benefits of the change you are proposing. What do we gain from all the time we would have to invest?

Assume that you are Dr. Sternberg, and respond to the hospital administrator's memo. Support your position with what you have learned about when and how group decision making can be beneficial. Who will benefit most from the group process in this situation? Who will bear most of the costs and disadvantages? If you wish, you can assume that you have changed your mind about recommending the formation of a task force. If so, use material from the chapter to support this new viewpoint.

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