Who is developing a method of cloning certain antibodies

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A friend of yours is a biotech scientist who is developing a method of cloning certain antibodies. You have estimated that if the proceeds can be patented, it would be worth $10 million per year in royalties if licensed to major firms. The cost of finishing the research is $5 million, one-half of which is for equipment and one-half scientist’s salaries. You can finance the deal yourself by bank borrowing at 15%, or, acting through a broker, find wealthy investors would put up equity. Due to risk considerations, they would probably expect 3:1 returns. Some of these investors would probably want some management control. You estimate that there is an 80% probability of success, with two years of R&D necessary before revenues would commence. What legal entity choice might be appropriate? How should it be structured? How might it evolve over time?

Reference no: EM13904271

What costs associated with that purchase will be capitalized

When Domino's purchases a standard Chevy Sparl automobile for modification into a pizza delivery vehicle, what costs associated with that purchase will be capitalized? What co

Improve the flow of information

How has your company, or another company that you are familiar with, used the Internet and/or related technologies to improve the flow of information along its supply chain?

Conflict management refers solely to negotiation strategies

Conflict management refers solely to negotiation strategies that are designed to avoid unnecessary conflict and reduce or resolve excessive conflict. Conflict refers to a proc

Discuss the costs of poor quality

Read the case study that discusses the costs of poor quality. Identify at least five costs of poor quality at your firm, and explain how you would minimize those costs to im

Draw a risk severity matrix for birthday cake baking

Project Management Course: I have never built one of these and need all the help i can get, i am unsure of how or where to start, and what the finished product is suppose to l

What is the current release date

It is important to stay current on the latest Federal ruels, regulations and standards in Healthcare. The release of ICD-10 has been greatly discussed over the past few years

Describe a decision-making scenario

Describe a decision-making scenario using your business experience, personal decision making or cited journal article; include an example of the decision-making process, des

Discuss the columbian exchange

Despite Columbus’s lack of success in locating the Asian mainland by sailing west, his arrival in the Caribbean had a profound and lasting impact on both the Old and New World


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