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Chapter Twelve
Part one:

1. State the six stereotypes associated with older workers. How can these stereotypes impact their workplace experiences?

2. What does the text say about the issues that come from generational differences?

3. Are weight and appearance protected classes under the ADA? How are people excluded in the workplace because of weight and appearance, is this justifiable?

4. Who does the ADA protect? What does it mean that they are qualified to perform the essential functions of the job? If they cannot, should the employee be given a reasonable accommodation, why or why not.

5. How can income and wealth inequality benefit some people in the workforce through opportunity and disadvantage others? How can this "play out" in the workplace when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

Part two:

After reading page 267-268, "Speaking about Disability"

(1) State the errors that were commonly described in the scenario and why they were wrong.

(2) Provide three takeaways from reading this information.

After reading page 274, "Mind the Gap"

(1) Summarize how this works toward the benefit of diversity and inclusion

(2) State what group element is it helping (race, gender, class, ability, etc.) and why you choose this one.

Part three:

Go to and watch The Race, (please disregard the religious message at the end if this violates your beliefs-you only need the content prior to the end) now answer the following questions:

1. What are the privileges/opportunities that some of the people in the race had and others did not?

2. How does these privileges or these head starts impact a person's success level?

3. We previously learned about meritocracy, does this illustrate that success is not just about how hard someone works?

4. Go to: Privilege Guilt and summarize what the article says about how to handle privilege guilt?

5. How does identity privileges (that come from age, ability, socioeconomic status/class, religion, weight and appearance) impact workplace success and inclusion?

6. Apply the statement: "you can not fix what you do not acknowledge" to this exercise.

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Reference no: EM132280806

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