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Informational Interview essay instruction

PURPOSE: Informational interviewing is a process by which you can collect data about jobs, occupations, and organizations by interviewing people in their respective fields. It should not be construed as a job interview! It may result in a valuable job contact, but for the moment its purpose is to obtain information and career advice.

DrNegar is an Educational Consultant, who currently works in her own company which was founded in 2013, Global Student Placement Network (Global SPN), Is an international consultant Offering a wide range of academic and educational services to individuals, institutions, companies and organizations. Services include International Education Consulting; College Placements; Campus Tours; High School and English Language Program Placements; Employment and Career Coaching; Postdoctoral Support Services; Student Recruitment and Marketing. I chose Dr. Negar Davis as my mentor because of her great knowledge and expertise in public/student affairs.

I met with Dr. Negar Davis on Saturday, October 29th to interview and discuss some questions and obtain information and career advice from her as I chose her to be my informational interview mentor.. I drove from Los Angeles to San Diego to meet with Dr. Negar as she invited me to her place at 8941 Gowdy Ave. The questions that I came up with and that Dr. Davis responded to were:

? What knowledge, skills or experience are necessary to qualify for your position?

? What are the skills and abilities that are needed to be effective in your job function?

? What are the possible career paths opportunities in this field?

? Who do you interact with on a regular basis and how often?

? What salary ranges are associated with jobs in this field?

? What is the most challenging thing you face in your field? What do you like and not like about this field?

? How has your field/job affected your lifestyle?

? What are the educational requirements for entering through this field? What other credentials/license are required? What type of training do we experience in this field?

? What special advice you can give me in order to qualify for this field?

? What is something you wish you knew or a skill you wish you had before entering this field? What do you wish you had done differently starting out?

? Is there anything else you think I need to know?

? Who else would you recommend or refer to me to speak with?Write approximately a 2-3 page summary of the interview in the body of the paper (after you read that all what I have mentioned above, THEN write the summary of the interview using the info I gave you. SINGLE SPACED 2-3 PAGES!

Reference no: EM131264678

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