Which type of entity did they create if they have no person

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Q. Todd and Cathy created a company that is a separate legal entity and will share ownership of that company on a 50/50 basis. Which type of entity did they create if they have no personal liability for the company's debts?

Reference no: EM1399165

Synthesize the system modeling tools

For this assignment, use the identified system topic from the prior assignments and synthesize the system modeling tools applicable to your chosen system topic. Recommend ho

How many seconds from the time the driver

A) How many seconds from the time the driver of the blue car first noticed it until the red car passes the blue car? B) How much farther down the road will the blue car travel

Stimulus was entirely government spending

If consumers had an MPC of 0.90. By how much would aggregate demand have eventually increased with Obama's first-year spending stimulus of 787 billion dollars assuming the s

Possible negative implications of sourcing globally

How does product quality relate to the idea of "just-in-time" manufacturing? What are some possible negative implications of sourcing globally? How can early supplier design i

Did the employer violate any of duties imposed on it by osha

Did the employer violate any of the duties imposed on it by OSHA? If not, why not. If so, what duties were violated? Is this employee entitled to workers' compensation for thi

Follow an exponential probability distribution

Assume that for a gas and car wash station one car can be serviced at a time. The arrivals follow a Poisson probability distribution, with an arrival rate of 1 car every 12

Do you think corporate social responsibility is important

In doing so, think about what seem to be its reasons for being socially responsible. Is it pragmatic, ethical, strategic, or some combination? Can you identify its key stak

Owner reasoning is most likely incorrect

The owner of the restaurant wants to expand the number of workers to 50, arguing that this should double the amount of profit earned each day, since the restaurant will now


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