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Here's the scenario on which this discussion will be based: You have just been hired to work in a start-up international company that is Miami-based. You are on the company development team to help determine which software to purchase for doing day-to-day calculations.

What features have you found in Excel that would be useful to the management team?

Describe how you would use these features?

How might the management team use formulas?

When and how might you use conditional formatting?

Can conditional formatting rules be changed? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM13957922

Define cost advantage

Today, some companies are considered weak in “cost advantage”. Define “cost advantage and provide two examples of sources of “cost advantages”.

What factors related to financing-marketing and management

The base case and the locations selected for the first four stores, suggest some of the operational factors that WF took into account in deciding on the locations of the new 3

Why would management adopt stability strategy

Why would management adopt a stability strategy? Can stability strategies be viable over a lengthy period of time? Why or why not? When is a retrenchment strategy appropriate?

Question on research design

What factors are most significant to you in determining the research design? Why do some researchers change their hypotheses after selecting the theoretical framework?

Break even volume of product

Internal production would entail a variable cost of $17 per unit if production is 10,000 units or less, but $15 per unit (for all units produced) if production is greater th

Discuss applicable federal regulations relating to kickbacks

Identify and discuss applicable federal regulations relating to kickbacks. How should the 2 million be allocated to each loan/investment alternatives to maximize total annual

Calculate the monthly usage index for each month

Calculate the monthly usage index for each month. Use simple linear regression to forecast total usage of pallets for year 5. Forecast the seasonally adjusted usage for pallet

Strengths in communication in your professional life

How do you use critical thinking in decision making and problem solving in your professional life? What are the three most important elements of personal and professional etiq


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