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Your company is assigned the network address You need to create seven subnets on the network. A router on one of the subnets will connect the network to the Internet. All computers on the network will need access to the Internet. What is the correct subnet mask for the network?
d. The subnet mask assigned by InterNIC

A company with the network ID occupies four floors of a building. You create a subnet for each floor. You want to allow for the largest possible number of host IDs on each subnet. Which subnet mask should you choose?

Several users are complaining that they cannot access one of your Windows NT file servers, which has an IP address that is accessible from the Internet. When you get paged, you are not in the server room. Instead you are at another company in a friend's office that only has a UNIX workstation available, which also has Internet access. What can you do to see if the file server is still functioning on the network?
a. Use PING from the UNIX workstation.
b. Use ARP from the UNIX workstation.
c. Use WINS from the UNIX workstation.
d. Use DNS from the UNIX workstation.

At one of your company's remote locations, you have decided to segment your class B address down, since the location has three buildings and each building contains no more than 175 unique hosts. You want to make each building its own subnet, and you want to utilize your address space the best way possible. Which subnet mask meets your needs in this situation?

Reference no: EM1336621

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