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1. Which social network has become a popular site for online communities of al Qaeda sympathizers?

A. Facebook

B. MySpace

C. Tumbler

D. Orkut

2. The Terrorist Surveillance Program requires review and reauthorization of surveillance every __________ days.

A. 60

B. 30

C. 90

D. 45

3. Which of the following attacks involve directing conventional weapons against a computer facility for its transmission lines?

A. Electronic attacks

B. Electromagnetic attacks

C. Physical attacks

D. Computer network attacks

4. Which of the following is true about the initiative "Innocent Images"?

A. It investigated cases of interstate travelers for illicit purposes.

B. Its purpose was to provide child pornographers with legal, innocent images as a substitute for pornographic ones.

C. It investigated more than 5,000 cases in a three-year period.

D. It investigated offenses under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

5. Which of the following statements is true about the International Association for Computer Investigation Specialists?

A. It is a for-profit professional organization.

B. The certification process requires expensive and mandatory training.

C. The certification test does not require any payment of fees.

D. Individuals are certified as "computer forensic experts."

6. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act provides for the punishment of individuals:

A. only in offenses committed via computer technology.

B. only in offenses that caused damage to computer technology.

C. only in offenses involving computer data as the target.

D. in all offenses committed in conjunction with or via computer technology.

7. Which of the following types of terrorists often openly embrace and promote human suffering, and glorify violence as divine ordination?

A. Political terrorists

B. Environmental terrorists

C. National terrorists

D. Religious terrorists

8. An early evaluation of criminal gangs in New York determined that groups coming together for the sole purpose of committing criminal activity didn't last long if they lacked what?

A. Flexible rules and regulations

B. Competition

C. Money

D. Ethnic solidarity

9. Two top priorities for the international law enforcement agency Interpol are high technology and:

A. data manipulation.

B. finance.

C. language translation.

D. data mining.

10. Which of the following is a provision of the federal Child Pornography Protection Act of 1996 that the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional?

A. The definition of child pornography includes wholly artificial images, entirely created through virtual, as opposed to actual, children.

B. Mandatory life sentences shall be imposed on offenders involved in a sex offense against a minor if such offender has had a prior conviction of abuse against a minor.

C. States may not enact blanket prohibitions against visualizations of children engaged in sexual situations.

D. The federal government is empowered to establish a phony child porn Web site in order to entrap pedophiles.

11. Which of the following facilitated Muhammad Siddique Khan's coordination of the 2005 London bombings?

A. Online training videos

B. Electronic dead drops

C. Satellite imaging

D. Online social networking sites

12. Online copyright infringement has been categorized in __________ of the Cybercrime Convention by the Council of Europe.

A. Title I

B. Title II

C. Title III

D. Title IV

13. Which of the following was recommended by the President's Working Group on Unlawful Conduct on the Internet?

A. Allow ISPs to discard records after 24 hours.

B. Restrict the training of average users, to prevent them from engaging in unlawful activity.

C. Make exclusive use of traditional statutes rather than passing amendments or new legislation.

D. Encourage local agencies to establish a presence on the Net

14. Which of the following is an example of monopolization by an organized crime group?

A. The trade and commerce in Madrid

B. The garbage industry in New York

C. The mass media industry in Beijing

D. The food businesses in Rome

15. The NSA's Terrorist Surveillance Program includes:

A. in-terminal screening of air travelers.

B. license review of commercial airlines.

C. collection of telephone call information.

D. development of international treaties.

16. Which of the following represents the effort of the United Kingdom against cyber criminality?

A. It allows the government to monitor and intercept Internet communications.

B. It promotes private citizens' unrestricted access to encryption programs.

C. It encourages anonymous Internet use and expands traditional notions of privacy.

D. It restricts government agencies' access to encryption keys

17. Which of the following, according to a recent report to Congress, has now surpassed international drug trafficking as a terrorist financing enterprise?

A. Cargo heists

B. Cybercrime

C. Weapons manufacturing

D. Pornography

18. Which of the following statements about Carnivore, a sniffing program, is true?

A. It was widely and frequently used by FBI.

B. The rationale for the FBI's use of the program did not need to be disclosed to any court.

C. The interception had to continue after achieving the objective.

D. Probable cause and details of the offense were to be specified before use.

19. Which of the following cyber terrorist attacks was employed in Operation Desert Storm?

A. Physical attack

B. Computer network attack

C. Electronic attack

D. Electromagnetic attack

20. Which of the following groups serve as the basis of the formation of organized crime groups?

A. Religious fanatics

B. Criminal gangs

C. Social activists

D. National terrorists.

Reference no: EM131250976

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