Which of the following familes of proteins mediates

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A 16 year old girl is admitted to the hospital with a 1 day history of severe headache and a fever of 38.7 C (103F). Physical examination reveals nurchal rigidity. Blood cultues for Neisseria meningititdes are postive. Which of the following familes of proteins mediates bacterial opsonization in the cerbral spinal fluid of this patient with bacterial meningitits?






Reference no: EM1399943

Animations and hyper linked disorders on the right hand

Aryotyping Go tohttp://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/chromosomes/readchromosomes/ Read through all of this webpage Go tohttp://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/chromosome

Accessory pigments and chlorophylls

Accessory pigments and chlorophylls work together within the thylakoid membrane in clusters called __________ . They harvest light energy and use it to transfer electrons to

What is artificial insemination

What is Artificial Insemination(please be specific)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? and  how it has changed the livestock industry?  What impact nutrition ha

Calculate level of genetic differentiation in subpopulations

Pretend that our class conducted a lab on the population genetics of squirrels in Utah. The class was split into three group and sent to different areas of the state to collec

What is the possible value of x

A polygenic trait is controlled by 3 genes A, B and C. In a cross AaBbCc × AaBbCc, the phenotypic ratio of the offsprings was observed as 1 : 6 : x : 20 : x : 6 : 1. What is

What are the functions of each of these organs for a rat

Write down 1X4 matrices, P, G, and M that represent the nutritional values of each food. Then find 3P+2G+2M and tell what the entries represent.

What is the cfu/ml in the original specimen

A sample was diluted by placing a 0.1mL aliquot into 0.9 mL of diluent, and 100 microliters of this dilution was spread-plated. After incubation, 267 colonies appeared. What

Blood electrolyte imbalances

Several different types of electrolytes that can be found in body fluids located within the plasma, interstitial fluid, or intracellular fluid. Each electrolyte has a specific


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