Whether the bunns have a right to use the apartments pool

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Temco, Inc., conveyed to the Wynns certain property adjoining an apartment complex being developed by Sonnett Realty Company. Although nothing to this effect was contained in the deed, the sales contract gave the purchaser of the property use of the apartment's swimming pool.

Temco's sales agent also emphasized that use of the pool would be a desirable feature in the event that the Wynns decided to sell the property. Seven years later, the Bunns contracted to buy the property from the Wynns through the latter's agent, Sonnett Realty. Although both the Wynns and Sonnett Realty's agent told the Bunns that use of the apartment's pool went with the purchased property, neither the contract nor the deed subsequently conveyed to the Bunns so provided.

When the Bunns requested pool passes from Temco and Offutt, the company that owned the apartments, their request was refused. Discuss whether the Bunns have a right to use the apartment's pool.

Reference no: EM131390839

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