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When learning about time signatures, we discussed the fact that many times the time signature is related to a dance. For this discussion board, find a piece of music that was written specifically to dance to. It may be an old dance, a new dance, or anything in between.

In your answer, discuss dance, pulse, rhythm, and anything else you feel is appropriate. Be sure to think about your own experience with time signatures and music that you've heard.

In your post, include the following information:

- The name of the piece

- The performer(s)

- The composer, if different from the performer

- What is the name of the dance?

- If you can, identify the time signature of the piece

- How the time signature relates to the musical ideas (dance, march, etc.)

- Why you like (or don't like) this piece of music

- Are you a dancer? Have you danced to this music? What has been your experience dancing to the music? Do you feel it is a good piece of music to dance to?

- Post a link to the piece so we can listen to it.

Reference no: EM131040173

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