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The Binary Tree is one of the best ways to organize data when you need fast access. For this assignment, we will organize a list of names and perform various operations on those names. Build and show a binary tree based on the following names inserted into the binary tree in order listed: John, Eddie, Kim, Derrick, Ethan, Lonny, Mark, Curly, Donny, Nancy, Patricia, Oscar.

Show the order to names for a preorder traversal
Show the order to names for a postorder traversal
Show the order to names for a inorder traversal

Is this tree balanced? Why or why not?

How would the tree need to look for it to be more balanced if it is not?

If we deleted Eddie from the tree, what would the new tree look like (use one of the current names to replace Eddie and the tree redone)?

Reference no: EM1336230

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