What would the mean time to failure be

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A standby system has a basic unit with four standby components. The time to failure of each component has an exponential distribution with a failure rate of 0.008/hour. For a 400-hour operation period, find the reliability of the standby system. What is its mean time to failure?

Suppose that all five components are operating simultaneously in parallel. What would the system reliability be in that situation? What would the mean time to failure be?

Reference no: EM131389890

Measurement-evaluation and ethics in research

Access the University of Phoenix Material, "Data for Inferential Practice Problems." Use the Excel® Analysis ToolPak? when necessary for the following:

Correlation between two events

Research has shown that the people often see a correlation between two events when one does not really exist. Why do you think this happens?

Analysts of a global management consulting

1. Consulting team, part 2. You are assigned to be part of a team of three analysts of a global management consulting company as described in Exercise 24. What is the probab

Probability students in sample exactly three are female

The student body of a large university consists of 70% female students. A random sample of 6 students is selected. What is the probability that among the students in the sam

Is the sampling result significant

A random sample of 14 days shows Xbar = $502.95 and s = $64.00. You can assume normality. Using alpha = 4%, is the sampling result significant? Explain.

Find the probability that eight are satisfied with airlines

Find the probability that fewer than 5 are satisfied with the airlines. (c) Find the probability that 8 or more are satisfied with the airlines.

Find probability that all four have nascar as favorite

Among Americans who are auto racing fans, 59% identify NASCAR as their favorite type of racing. What is the probability that all four have NASCAR as their favorite?

In which year the ages show more dispersed distribution

Using Coefficient of Variation determine in which year do the ages show a more dispersed distribution? Show your complete work and support your answer.


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