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A project has a net present worth of -$60,000 as of January 1, 2025. If a 7% interest rate is used, what is the project NPW as of December 31, 2018?

A machine costs $300,000 to purchase and will provide $72,000 a year in benefits. The company plans to use the machine for 12 years and then will sell the machine for scrap, receiving $20,000. The company interest rate is 10%. Should the machine be purchased?

You are considering purchasing a new injection-molding machine. The machine will have an estimated life of 10 years with a negligible salvage value. Its annual operating cash flows are estimated to be $65,000. At an11% required rate of return on investment, what would be the maximum amount that should be spent on purchasing the injection-molding machine?

A company is considering investing $5 million in a new commercial building. The yearly expected revenue from this investment is $450,000 for 10 years. At year 10 the commercial building would have a salvage value of %85 of its initial investment. The company is looking for a return of 6%. Is this investment worth undertaking?

Use an 8-year analysis period and a 10% interest rate to determine which alternative should be selected.

Initial Cost $10,000 $20,000
Uniform Annual Benefits $4,000 $4,800
Useful Life 4 years 8 years

A new bridge project is being evaluated at i = 15%. Recommend an alternative based on the capitalized cost for each.

Construction Cost Annual O&M Life (years)
Concrete $50 million $250,000 70
Steel $40 million $500,000 50

Reference no: EM132233647

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