What would be the best thing about owning your own business

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1. What would be the best thing about owning your own business? What would be the worst?

2. For the following business, define the unit of sale and calculate the economics of one unit.

Sue, of Sue's Sandwich Shoppe, sells sandwiches and sodas from a sidewalk cart in a popular park near her house. She sets up her cart in the summers to earn money for college tuition. Last month she sold $1,240 worth of product (sandwiches and sodas) to 100 customers. She spent $210 on the sandwich ingredients and buying the sodas wholesale. Her unit is one sandwich ($4) plus one soda ($1).

Reference no: EM132233814

Ethics in practice case-what are their stakes

ETHICS IN PRACTICE CASE: Banning the Big Gulp 1. Who are the stakeholders in this case, and what are their stakes? 2. The ban received approval from the New York City Board of

Contract procurement process

In the contract procurement process for a typical business organization, how do the duties and responsibilities of the project manager compare to the duties and responsibiliti

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One physician on duty full time works in a hospital emergency room. Previous experience has shown that emergency patients arrive according to a Poisson distribution with an av

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Recently, they heard the term "knowledge management" and are curious where they might purchase this "technology." You know, of course, that knowledge management is a business

Corporate governance-how is corporate governance defined

Stakeholder theory states that many types of groups depend on the fiduciary duties of the company’s management (i.e. employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, etc.). You

Great deal of time preparing the registration statement

Charlene, a newly-licensed CPA, who set up an office in South Beach, prepared the expertise portion of the registration statement and prospectus for the IPO of the Cardozo Cor

Why is the BOM file sometimes called product structure tree

Why is the BOM file sometimes called a product structure tree? Suppose a 5-level BOM has one subassembly (AX205) on level 2 and another (BY407) on level 4. Which subassembly h

Primary and supporting elements

Explain the CBP (primary and supporting elements). What are the “Order Winners” that will help provide a competitive advantage? List elements that will need to be addressed to


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