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A monopolistic firm faces the following demand curve. Q = 8000 -10 P This monopoly's cost function has been estimated as follows: TC = 480,000 + 40 Q a. What price should this monopoly charge to maximize its profit? b. What would be its equilibrium profit? c. What price should it charge if it were to maximize its revenue? d. What would be its profit if it maximized its revenue? e. If this monopoly were to behave like a competitive firm, what price should it charge and what quantity should it produce? f. Would this monopolist still make an economic profit if it were to behave like a competitive firm? g. What is the break-even quantity of this monopoly?

Reference no: EM131097657

Advice and consent to treaty negotiated

Assume you are a U.S. Senator. The Senate has been asked for its "advice and consent" to a treaty negotiated by the Executive Branch. The treaty would require every nation of

Marginal cost is constant and equal to the average cost

A monopolist sells music CDs. It has a constant marginal and average cost of $20. It faces two groups of potential customers: honest and dishonest customers. Given that the ma

Profit-maximizing price-quantity and level of advertising

The inverse demand a monopoly faces is p = 100−Q+A0.5, where Q is quantity, p is the price, and A is its level of advertising. Its marginal cost of production is constant at $

Economy will experience high growth-normal growth

Assume that in the next year the economy will experience high growth (20% probability), normal growth (40% probability), or a recession (40% probability). According to these n

Greater effect on the consumer price index

What is the CPI? Which do you think has a greater effect on the consumer price index: a 10 percent increase in the price of chicken, or a 10 percent increase in the price of c

Exchange rate fixed will have devaluation

A country that attempts to keep its exchange rate fixed will have a “devaluation” of its currency (or exchange rate) if persistent balance of payments deficits cause it to ama

What factors did they likely neglect to mention

Suppose Mayor Strange comes to you and asks you whether or not Montgomery, AL should bid for 2024 Olympics. He says that a group of economic consultants has said it will be a

Calculate the aggregated demand for college education

Assume that that students and nonstudents have revealed their group demands for junior college education, a public good, as follows: Q = 1,500 – 0.25P, (Student demand) Q = 4,


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