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You have learned about the importance of active learning. One of the biggest factors of active learning is that you are not alone and are working among your peers. This week, the discussion will be a debate about active learning strategies and what you feel works and doesn't work in the online classroom. Those of you with the last name beginning A-L will choose a concept that you feel works in the online classroom.

The goal is to generate a list of what works and doesn't work based on your learning therefore review the posts on the forum before you get started because the topic you list must be unique and not already listed in the classroom discussion. As a part of the debate, you will respond to at least one of your classmates that posted opposite of your view. Your second response can be to any classmate. In your response, attempt to expand upon the tools you will use to ensure that you are engaged in your learning. Be sure to list any organizations that you feel will be beneficial to get involved in throughout your graduate studies.

Reference no: EM131198958

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