What was the owners inspiration in starting the business

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These are suggested tasks for you to complete or perform inside the small business. You should always make sure to adhere to any rules of the facility and maintain courtesy towards customers and employees of the business. Ask for permission from an employee if the item is not easily accessible.

1. The first dollar that the Business ever made

2. What was the owner's inspiration in starting the business?

3. Job Safety and Health Protection Poster

4. Fair Work Act Poster

5. A Business card

6. The Business name and logo sign

7. Has the owner experienced any failures/difficulties in the business? How were they resolved?

8. How did the owner start the business? What were the finance resources?

9. Business license

10. Marketing material for the Business

11. Employee timesheets or time clock

12. Business' annual budget

13. Did the owner write a business plan before commencing the business?

14. Employee amenities (water, coffee, etc.)

15. Credit card machine or cash register

16. How do they reward good employees?

17. Example of keeping employees safe

18. Example of the product or service the business sells

19. Did they experience any issues with their employees? How were they resolved?

20. Customer feedback source (card, email address, form, etc.)

After the scavenger hunt, discuss why these items are important to all small businesses.

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Reference no: EM13742111

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