What was gained and lost in the process of these experiments

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Athens and Rome experimented with democracy and republic forms of government respectively. Why did both of these city-states fail to maintain these systems? What was gained and lost in the process of these experiments?

Reference no: EM13941326

Architecture in middle ages

This job tells us what happens to art, architecture, music, dance and theatre in the Middle Ages. Who has the most influence over each of these artistic genres?

Conservation of angular momentum

Using conservation of angular momentum, explain why it is harder to remain upright on a bicycle at slower speeds, and easier to remain upright when bicycle is moving at fast

Explain compiled together for an exam of world history

I need about 180 simple world history definitions compiled together for an exam review by Saturday. I either need dates or definitions for the words provided on the list.

Who is most responsible for failure of foreign aid working

By the year 2050, there will be 8.5 billion people in the world, of whom 5.5 billion will be living in urban areas. The articles you read in week 5 said that a 'revolution

What are the causes of famine

What did Canadians at home contribute to the war effort ? Could we have avoided entry into World War I? What is the word that these was with the HALREET. What are the causes o

Describe major developments in american indian civilizations

We are often led to believe that slavery was restricted to the southern colonies. What evidence can you find to indicate that slavery was an issue for all the colonies, not

What roles did northern women play in the war effort

What roles did Northern women play in the war effort on the Union side during the Civil War? What roles did Southern women play in the war effort on the Confederate side dur

How does colonies pennsylvania demonstrate the struggle

American Slavery-American Freedom. According to Morgan, How did race and not social status become the key factor in making slavery a labor and cultural institution in the Am


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