What two powers belong to the senate

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After watching the video, "Crash Course: Bicameralism," answer these questions. You will want to take notes while you are watching the video.

1. Why does Craig argue that Congress is the most important branch of the federal government?

2. What is the power of the purse? Who has it?

3. What two powers belong to the Senate?

4. At the constitutional convention, why did the large states want proportional representation?

5. What type of representation did the small states want and why did they want that type of representation?

6. What was the Connecticut Compromise?

7. What is an intrabranch check and why was one necessary for Congress?

8. According to Senate clone, how is the Senate designed to be immune from public opinion?

9. According to House of Representative Clone, is the House or the Senate more responsive to public opinion? Why?

10. According to Craig, why does the House of Representatives have the power to tax?

Reference no: EM131163193

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