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Term Assignment

1. Folder Analysis

Word limit: 2,000 words

This is an individual assignment that requires you to develop a folder (portfolio) by researching and reflecting on the topics covered in this course. You are required to submit Four different artifacts (e.g. cartoon/ articles from business magazines, newspaper article, radio/television interview, personal event such as a work event or a movie you have seen etc.), that incorporates the topics covered in the course. Based on the material you are required to write a short reflection (500 words each) on each artifact and how you think it is relevant to your understanding of this course.

Your folder analysis should clearly demonstrate what the artifacts mean to your learning about HRM This is a personal reflection. You may use additional references/ texts. Assignment should be neatly typed.

The last date of submission: First week of March 2016

2. Viva-Voce

A viva-voce focusing on the HRM syllabus and the term assignment (folder/artifacts) will take place at the end of semester.

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The report has been created in an APA format and contains information about various topics covered in the human resource management paper. Using four different artifacts (a video, a picture, a research and an article) four different topics from the HR paper have been covered. The topics covered are training & development, performance management, the challenges faced by HR in today's dynamic business environment and change management. Each topic has been described in 500 words using information from the artifacts.

Reference no: EM13990785

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