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Question: You have been advised by the warden that the agency is going to seek national accreditation by the ACA and that he has designated you as the accreditation manager. One of the areas that will be looked at is internal policies dealing with officer misconduct. There have been several incidents in the past in which officers have either been disciplined or fired for conduct that violated the rules and regulations of the agency.

He has tasked you with the responsibility of coming up with a comprehensive training plan that would address ethical and moral issues officers face in the performance of their duties. He also wants you to explore the possibility of instituting a civilian review board to investigate inmate complaints against officers. He assigns several other members of the agency to assist you.

- Research how various correctional agencies address the handling of officer complaints.

- Students should then address each of the following in 200-300 words each:

- Address the following in the comprehensive training plan: ?How will the current level of officer misconduct be analyzed? Explain.

- What techniques will be used to train officers in successfully and repeatedly making ethical decisions while both on and off duty? Explain.

- How will these training methods and techniques be implemented in the organization? Explain.

- How will the effectiveness of these training methods be evaluated? Explain.

Each of the above sections of the plan should consist of 200-300 words each.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style

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Reference no: EM13710958

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