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1. Identify one informal group that you are (or were) a member of either at work or elsewhere. What group member needs would you say were satisfied in this group that kept the members together? How large or small was this group? What effects do you think size had on member attitudes and behavior, if any? How did the group control or influence its members? Identify a few informal group norms. If this was a work-related group, did its informal norms affect your job performance in any way? If so, how and why?

2. Think of a group or team that you have been a member of for a relatively long time. To what extent can you describe the development of this group or team over time in terms of the Tuckman 5-stage model? To what extent is the model consistent, or inconsistent, with your experience of the group's development? If so, how? If not, why not?

3. Think of a group or team that you have been a member of that was very homogeneous in terms of member composition. Now think of one that was very heterogeneous (e.g., in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity, educational backgrounds, or other relevant factors). Compare your experiences in these two groups. How were they similar and how were they different? What were the positives and negatives associated with the homogeneous group and with the heterogeneous group? Did group composition affect cohesiveness or member morale? Did it affect the group or team's performance? Did group composition affect the ease or difficulty of working in the group?

4. Have you ever been in a group or team (or observed a group or team) that was a victim of "groupthink"? What symptoms did you observe? How did its members behave? What were its goals, and to what extent were they achieved? How did non-members (e.g., outsiders such as other groups/teams/departments) react emotionally and behaviorally (if at all) to the group or team exhibiting groupthink?

Reference no: EM132185228

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